Things To Consider Before Buying Custom Engraved Trophies

Todd DeGroat

Things To Consider Before Buying Custom Engraved Trophies

When given the responsibility to choose trophies for any sort of formal or
informal event or competition, you need to make sure that you choose the best
option that’s out there. Trophies represent achievement and if they are not right
for the occasion, it will end up having a bad impact instead of being a way of
positive reinforcement.

If you want to make sure that you choose a trophy that is just right for the
the occasion, then there are some things that you need to be aware of.
Here are a few things that you need to keep in mind when buying custom
engraved trophies online.

✔️ Trophies Design:

First, you need to figure out the kind of award that would be the best for you
occasion. There are 2 things that you can consider in this regard:

✔️ The type of event

✔️ Recipient’s age

For example, if you are a business owner and want to give an award to your
star employee, then you can give them a glass plaque of some kind. If it's a
sporting event, then you can give them a sports-based trophy which has some
sort of design made on it that represents the sport the trophy is for i.e. a ball
design trophy for baseball or cricket, etc. Trophies for kids would be flashier as
compared with trophies for adults.

✔️ Trophy Size

Trophies for competitions would be of different sizes depending on the
position that a particular participant scores. If you are looking for trophies for
a corporation or for educational events, then you should go for something
smaller that can be placed on a table. As a rule of thumb, celebrate massive
achievements with bigger and fancier trophies and for informal events, go for
something that is compact and discrete.

✔️ Engraving Quality

Engraved Trophies are always better at expressing the recognition that you
have for a particular recipient. You need to engrave the name of the recipient
on the award. Make sure that the engraving medium and the tools for the
process are all high quality. You need to choose a font that is easy to read and
looks great. There shouldn’t be any irregularities in the engraving, and
everything should be in a decent proportion.

✔️ Trophy Materials

When it comes to trophies and plaques, you have many choices for the build
of materials. You can either get plastic made trophies or you can get trophies that
are made with resins. You can choose wooden trophies as well as glass
trophies or plaques. As for the current trend, resin trophies are gaining much
more popularity as compared with plastic trophies. These trophies are more
durable, sturdier and give off a better feel than the conventional trophies.

✔️ Trophies Variety

When it comes to buying trophies online, you need to explore all the options
that you have out there. You can literally find dozens of custom trophy
manufacturers in your area with online stores that you can check out. See the
gallery that they display on their website and figure out the type of trophy that
would be just right for your needs. The more variety you see, the easier it
would be for you to make a decent choice.

✔️ Brand Reputation

Brand reputation also matters when buying custom trophies online. If you buy
from a distinguished brand that everyone knows about, your recipient would
feel even better when receiving the award.

Plus, you won’t have to worry about the quality of the trophy as well. When
you buy from a well-known brand like Popp’s Trophies, you can be
certain that you are buying a trophy with extraordinary quality.

✔️ Pricing Policy

Trophies come in all sorts of price ranges. You need to decide what your
budget is, then you’d be able to make a better decision about the size and the
build quality of the trophy that you should buy for your event. Trophies that are made of plastic or resins would be a bit cheaper than the trophies that are made with wood, marble or glass.

Contact Popp’s Trophies right now for the best custom engraved trophies for your formal as well as informal events.

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