How Participation Trophies Help With Positive Reinforcement

Todd DeGroat

Are trophies, specifically participation trophies and medals good for positive
reinforcement? This statement has been an issue of debate for a long time. There
are arguments that say participation trophies undervalue the efforts of the
winners and there are arguments that say participation trophies encourage
individuals to work harder!

If we were to choose sides here, we would go for the latter. Participation Trophies
do inspire individuals to improve their performance. It motivates them to show up
and give it there all. Precipitation Trophies are a great way of promoting positive

Trophies Inspire Hard Work

What matters more than winning? It's working hard and showing up for the
occasion. The number one lesson that we need to teach every individual from a
very young age is to show up no matter what.

Now if they show up and lose, especially kids, they would end up feeling
withdrawn and fearful. In order to motivate them and keep them on track,
trophies can prove to be of big help. A child’s brain doesn’t process failure very
well, especially if it is of a humiliating nature. First, we need to teach our children
that failure isn’t bad at all. It just tells us to do better next time. Second, we
need to make sure that the efforts of the children don’t go unnoticed.

By giving kids participation awards, you’d make them feel noticed, appreciated and acknowledged for their hard work. This inspires a new level of confidence in them that is much more positive in nature.

The most important thing is to teach your kids to be positive in even the darkest
of times. This is what positive reinforcement helps them with.

Trophies Encourage Effort

Participation trophies encourage effort and hard work. Effort is a trait that would
go a long way in the life of your children. You need to encourage it as much as you can.... and trophies are the best way to do that.

Being part of a group or a team, each participant has their own set of abilities,
their own pace of learning and their own performance measuring metrics.

Judging everyone via those metrics is the best way to ensure that they grow and
nourish well.

When you award the performance of an individual with trophies, you make them
feel appreciated for the effort that they are putting in. They feel obligated to show up and do better.

The most important thing to keep in mind is, we don’t want kids to be fearful of
defeat and failure. We want them to feel confident no matter what life throws at
them. This is what participation trophies promote.

Trophies Promote Healthy Competition

Whenever there is competition, there is a risk of failure because not everyone can
be a winner. By awarding kids with participation trophies, you help kids get out of
the fear of failure. They will feel more comfortable and will give their best at
whatever life throws at them.

This form of positive reinforcement would force kids to strive towards being the
best without being fearful of competition. Participation Trophies teach kids the
value of effort and struggle and how everything that they are doing, is worth it.

Wrapping Up:

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