Why Use Custom Trophies For Competitions?

Todd DeGroat

Plaques and trophies have been around for hundreds of years. It is a proven way
of boosting morale and increasing productivity. Every business that is established
knows the importance of custom trophies for increasing productivity. And not just
for business, trophies inspire athletes and people from all walks of life to improve
their skills and present better performance.

Trophies, especially custom ones, are a great way of increasing overall
performance and productivity.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider offering custom trophies to people who are working under your supervision.

✔️ Trophies Help Boost Morale

It is scientifically proven that trophies inspire performance and boost morale.
Trophies give people something to look up to, something that they can strive
for. They know that this is not just a trophy, it is an acknowledgment of their
struggles and efforts. When you award your employees or players with a trophy, you inspire a new level of dedication and commitment to them.

✔️ Trophies Show Recognition and Appreciation

Nothing makes people work harder than when they are appreciated and
recognized for their efforts. If you look at the employee or athletic culture of any
successful organization, you’d see it is based on a reward-based environment
in the sense that employees/athletes are rewarded with awards or plaques whenever they perform well in the organization. The bottom line is, Trophies and Awards are a great way of making sure that your employees/athletes feel recognized and appreciated.

✔️ Corporate Awards Increase Employee Productivity

Corporate awards for employees as well as executives increase the
productivity of every organization. Plaques and trophies have been a part of
corporate culture for decades, and now we have proven research supporting
the effectiveness of Awards and Trophies for increasing business productivity.
You can get Trophy Awards Online, or you can simply just visit any local
custom trophy shop to get custom trophies for your employees.

✔️ Sports Award Are Great For Enhancing Performance

Plaques and Trophies for sports inspire athletes to go out of their way and
work even harder than before to get to the point where they feel worthy of
that trophy. In fact, in sports, it is all about getting to that top spot. Still, you
have runner-up trophies for sports as well which makes the people who are on
2nd and 3rd positions feel happy and appreciated. Trophies have proven effects
on increasing the performance of athletes and increasing their dedication to moving forward.

✔️ Great For Positive Reinforcement

When you see your employees or a player of your team doing well and you
give them an award for their performance, it makes them feel acknowledged.
It inspires them to go out of their way and reach new levels of performance.
When they see that their efforts are not only seen but appreciated as well,
they feel obligated to do their best. This technique of positive reinforcement
has proven benefits in sports as well as in business performance.

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